Saone River Guide

Saone River Guide - Hero Image
Saone River Guide - Hero Image

With its name derived from the Gallic river goddess, Souconna, the Saône river flows 473 kilometres from north eastern France to join the Rhône river in Lyon. Along the way, pass through the ever-enchanting wine-making landscapes of Burgundy and Beaujolais.

For those wanting to explore the less-travelled paths of France, the Saône provides a taste of the countryside. The banks of this gentle river are dotted with quaint French towns and smaller cities, providing travellers the chance to explore cobblestoned streets and sip coffee in a local café without the chaos and crowds of France’s more popular destinations.

For a different view of France, the Saône offers picturesque views, endless vineyards and mouth-watering cuisine. Immerse yourself in the rich culture as you meander through the charming French countryside on a Saône river escape.

The Soane Flows Through: France
River Length: 473 kms
River Source: Vosges Mountains
River Mouth: The Rhone River