Rhone River Guide

Rhone River Guide - Hero Image
Rhone River Guide - Hero Image

One of the oldest trade routes in Europe, the Rhône river begins in the Swiss Alps, flowing south into the Mediterranean Sea. Along the way, pass through the beautiful orchards and vineyards of the fertile Rhône Valley and some of the region’s most significant historical landmarks, some dating back to the times of the Romans.

The Rhône region is a must-visit for all lovers of fine food, beauty and enriching history. Flowing for over 800 kilometres through historic towns and picturesque villages, the Rhône river is home to unique art and architecture, reflecting an intriguing blend of Celtic, Roman, Greek and French historical influences.

As it winds through the famed vineyards of Burgundy and Provence, the Rhône river has inspired centuries of impeccable French cuisine. A true haven for foodies, be sure to sample some of the finest foods and best wines in the region. Whether you’re in it for the sights or the food, the Rhône river is a must-visit destination.

The Rhone Flows Through: Switzerland and France
River Length: 812 kms
River Source: Rhone Glacier
River Mouth: Mediterranean Sea