Rhine River Guide

Rhine River Guide - Hero Image
Rhine River Guide - Hero Image

Flowing from the mesmerising Swiss Alps to the North Sea in Holland, the famous Rhine river encompasses the best that Europe has to offer. As you meander through the heart of Middle Europe, feast your sights on other-worldly scenery, from fairy tale castles and craggy cliffs to terraced vineyards and medieval towns. At 1230 kilometres long, the river Rhine has something for every traveller.

Passing through six of Europe’s most classic nations (Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria, Germany, France and the Netherlands), the banks of the Rhine river are overflowing with historic treasures, natural beauty and alluring capital cities. Weaving together a tapestry of history and culture, travelling the Rhine is a sure way to cross countless UNESCO World Heritage Sites off your list.

The sites of the Rhine are straight out of a storybook. As you explore this winding whimsical wonder, you’re guaranteed to fall in love with the sights, tastes and sounds of this timeless river.

The Rhine Flows Through: Switzerland, Liechtensetein, Austria, Germany, France, and Netherlands
River Length: 1230 kms
River Source: Swiss Alps
River Mouth: Rotterdam into the North Sea