Moselle River Guide

Moselle River Guide - Hero Image
Moselle River Guide - Hero Image

Known as the Rhine’s peaceful little sister, the Moselle River is known for its charming medieval castles and the delectable white wines produced along its banks. Flowing through the countryside of France, Luxembourg and Germany, the Moselle provides an opportunity to relive history, feast on local cuisine and soak in the sights of untouched nature.

As you twist and turn through some of the region’s most beautiful valleys, take the chance to explore sleepy postcard villages, fairy tale castles and stone-clad fortresses. While the Moselle meanders through a region shaped by man over 2000 years ago, the entrancing scenery remains relatively unspoilt and the medieval towns along its banks are wonderfully preserved.

Whether your style is to explore storybook towns and castles or to delight in the region’s exquisite cuisine and wineries, the banks of the Moselle offer something for all travellers.

The Moselle Flows Through: France, Germany, and Luxembourg
River Length: 545 kms
River Source: Vosges Mountains
River Mouth: The Rhone River

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