Main River Guide

Main River Guide - Hero Image
Main River Guide - Hero Image

Passing along some of the most enriching destinations of Bavaria, the Main river is quintessentially German. Winding leisurely through storybook villages, hilltop castles, sprawling vineyards and countless UNESCO World Heritage Sites, these 525 kilometres of peaceful river allows travellers to uncover the lesser-known side of Germany.

As it meanders through central Germany, the Main meets the famous Rhine river at the picturesque town of Mainz. In fact, the Main can be considered a marvel of modern engineering, as it passes through 34 locks – with an additional 16 connecting it to the Danube. As you travel across the Main, unlock a trove of unspoiled landscapes, historic landmarks and fairy tale towns.

A Main river cruise allows you to immerse yourself completely in the unique German culture as you soak in the stunning scenery offered along its banks. The perfect European escape.

The Main Flows Through: Germany
River Length: 530 kms
River Source: Upper Franconia
River Mouth: The Rhine River